Invisalign™ UV Sanitizing Case

A convenient and portable way to sanitize your Invisalign aligners on the go — without the need of water or chemicals — in just 5 minutes.

Invisalign UV case and charging cable
$59.99 CAD

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Using Invisalign UV Case


Prior to first use : Wipe interior with damp cloth and fully dry. Run one cycle while empty. Charge case using enclosed cable.


Place aligners side-by-side, do not stack. For larger aligners, sanitize each one individually.


Close case and press “On/Off” button once. To cancel, press again.


Safety feature will automatically turn off UV sanitization if case is opened during an active cycle.


Use daily as needed, up to 3 times/day.

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The Sanitizing Power of UV-C

Germicidal UV-C technology is commonly used in hospitals for disinfection. The Invisalign UV Sanitizing Case uses light from the powerful UV-C spectrum to kill 99.9% of harmful germs – and destroy odor causing bacteria - to help your aligners stay fresher.*

Tested by external labs for safety and effectiveness, the Invisalign UV Sanitizing Case uses optimized UV-C light distribution to ensure sanitization - without water or chemicals – and without damaging your aligners.* 

*For Invisalign clear aligners only. Data on file 10/7/21

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Portable, rechargeable, and easy to use

Designed to conveniently fit in your backpack or back pocket the Invisalign UV Sanitizing Case is ready whenever you are - and is rechargeable for over 3,000 cycles - so you can disinfect at home, on-the-go or wherever the day takes you.

*For Invisalign aligners only. Data on file 10/7/21. Not intended for use with Invisalign aligners with mandibular advancement features.


5VDC/420mA compatible with laptop computer or 5V adapter.
Rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery.
Battery and ozone-free LEDs good for over 3,000 cycles.
Food grade plastic case with aluminum interior.
Dimensions: 95mm x 30mm. Net wt. 95 grams
Class 2 medical device.
CONFORMS TO IEC60335-1, IEC60335-2-52.
6 months limited warranty